The Nurturing Gift Box

Introducing the Nurturing Gift Box, the latest addition to our Pregnancy Care Collection, part of the Cúram range. This collection is a celebration of nurturing, care, and wellbeing. Inside this elegantly curated box, you’ll find two essentials designed to provide comfort and solace in times of transition and change.  An embodiment of care and support during a transformative phase in one’s life. It’s a gift that says, “I’m here for you,” perfect for expectant mothers and anyone in need of a little extra comfort and care.

Comfort Body Oil 30ml

A skin softening and nourishing body oil, this blend of naturally powerful ingredients is delicately balanced to provide effective relief while catering to those in need of a lighter more sensitive formula. Calendula oil and Jojoba oil helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin, while soothing Marjoram and gentle Neroli calm the soul.

Ideal for all stages of pregnancy or those undergoing physical transition or stress,

When to Use: Massage onto the skin after a bath or shower, or whenever you need to calm the mind and body.

Comfort Balm 6+ Months 60ml

Designed to support a woman’s changing body throughout pregnancy, this thoughtfully crafted and natural formula helps comfort through hormonal shifts with Lavender and Sweet Orange. Naturally powerful oils seal in moisturize and strengthen skin elasticity as it stretches to accommodate new life.

When to use: Apply after a warm bath or shower before bedtime, or whenever the body and mind require extra comfort and calm.