The Sleep Ritual Gift Box

Experience the blissful benefits of natural aromatherapy with our sleep remedy rituals, perfect for unwinding and achieving a peaceful night’s sleep. The gift set includes our luxurious Codladh Body Oil and Pillow Spray, both designed to nourish and soothe the body and mind. With calming and relaxing scents, these natural remedies will help you create a tranquil sleep ritual that will leave you feeling rested and restored. Give the gift of a peaceful slumber to yourself or a loved one.

Sleep Body Oil 30ml – Organic Lavender & Bergamot

100% natural, enjoy this all-purpose skin softening body oil which nurtures both body and mind with the therapeutic scent of Lavender. One of the most supportive and soothing of all essential oils, Lavender balances the subtle energy of the heart and restores by encouraging rest into the body. Bergamot carries the warming energy of the Sun, it helps to ease flow and stimulates energy so we can release irritability and unexpressed feelings.

Sleep Pillow Spray 30ml – Rosewood & Lavender 

Natural essential oils blended to help calm and slow a racing mind to prepare the body for undisturbed, restorative sleep.

Shake well before use. Always test first when spraying onto fabrics.